About us

Thanks for joining Pebbles on her adventure!

We’re just a couple adventure fanatics that say “you suck”.  Why? For not doing what we do!

Blue Pool, Oregon – Yes we jumped in! And the temperature on average is 37 degrees Fahrenheit. No joke!  Look it up.
Steelhead Falls, Oregon – Jumping in again!  I’m not scared just trying to be dramatic for the camera.
Catalina Island
Catalina Island – Get yourself out there if you can.
Big River – I’m acting like I know what I’m doing.  At least I got up 🙂
Big River – Colorado River –  He knows what he is doing.  That spray though.
Mammoth Mountain, CA – Man that traverse sucked with a snowboard.  Taking a break before we head down.
Lindberg Lake, Montana
Lindbergh Lake, Montana – We fish for big fish  and don’t catch, but this time something worked – got a big one.
McWay Falls, Big Sur – We’re always chasing waterfalls or hotsprings wherever we go.
Big Bear Lake, CA - Top of the Hill
Big Bear Lake, CA – Top of the Hill – Quick pic before we headed down the mountain.

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