About Pebbles

Who thinks Pebbles is a great name for our van?  We do! & we have a great story about how we named our sprinter van Pebbles.

It’s actually not a great story, it’s a short story.  So… to make this story short – the van we ordered is pebble grey, so we named her Pebbles.  What can I say, we’re creative.

Pebbles is a work in progress, we are slowly getting her ready for our current and future adventures.  She has already outdone herself on each of our trips.  She’s perfect. Pebbles is our dream come true.

Lake Tahoe, California 2018

About us

Thanks for joining Pebbles on her adventure!

We’re just a couple adventure fanatics that say “you suck”.  Why? For not doing what we do!

Blue Pool, Oregon – Yes we jumped in! And the temperature on average is 37 degrees Fahrenheit. No joke!  Look it up.

Steelhead Falls, Oregon – Jumping in again!  I’m not scared just trying to be dramatic for the camera.

Catalina Island
Catalina Island – Get yourself out there if you can.

Big River – I’m acting like I know what I’m doing.  At least I got up 🙂

Big River – Colorado River –  He knows what he is doing.  That spray though.

Mammoth Mountain, CA – Man that traverse sucked with a snowboard.  Taking a break before we head down.

Lindberg Lake, Montana
Lindbergh Lake, Montana – We fish for big fish  and don’t catch, but this time something worked – got a big one.

McWay Falls, Big Sur – We’re always chasing waterfalls or hotsprings wherever we go.

Big Bear Lake, CA - Top of the Hill
Big Bear Lake, CA – Top of the Hill – Quick pic before we headed down the mountain.